We are not just a call center. Launched in 2010, CSG was founded with a mission to provide a different kind of customer service. We knew that to provide excellent service, we had to have excellent people; and treating people like they matter has been the cornerstone of our success.

And it’s working right? Within a short time our team has grown from 10 people to well over 550 employees and it won’t stop there… we expect to have 750 team members by the end of 2014.

Based in San Antonio, TX, we are proud to say that 100% of our service is US based and as a veteran-owned business, we are very proud to create job opportunities for those who have served in our Military, and that includes military family members as well!


Here at CSG we believe that if we can first help our employees be the best they can be, then our impact on our customers (and theirs) can be so much broader and deeper than if we focused on the bottom-line alone.

The Wrong Way.

We believe that most business process outsourcers have made a huge mistake. They focus too much on how many people they can throw at the problem. They focus on the seat, not the person in the seat. At CSG we don’t manage to numbers, but to behaviors.

Through the years we have seen a lot of call centers with a lot of unhappy people. We knew that we could create something totally different; an environment where people would want to come to work every morning.

A Better Way.

For us, we believe that being authentic and honest allows us to deal with the large and small challenges that are bound to pop up in business. We don’t spend time focusing on inconsequential things like dress codes or office assignments. We do expect our folks to show up, have fun, and work hard.

At CSG we nurture difference and individuality, we encourage personal and professional growth, we genuinely care about our employees and this sets us apart from other service providers.

The Team.

Have you figured out yet what our greatest asset is at CSG? You guessed it! Our family of talented individuals! But the good kind of family, not the ones you avoid except on holidays.

We are so very proud of our peeps so we picked a few to introduce themselves to you:

Our Founders.

Our founders and managing partners, Tim Handren and Tim Montgomery share more than just a name; they share a vision, a passion, and a drive. These qualities have shaped CSG into the innovative and singularly uncommon organization that it is today.

Founders Tim Handren and Tim Montgomery