Team member Mandy Johnson

Mandy Johnson

  • Why do you like CSG?

    It's a big family, and you are treated as family from the moment you arrive.

  • How did you hear/learn about CSG?

    I was watching the news one night, actually talking to my husband about how I was getting discouraged about finding a job that fit my desires and needs, when at that moment Tim and Natalie came on and started talking about CSG and I knew I needed to apply

  • What's your favorite animal?

    I love dogs! Even though at this moment I have a cat and no dogs (p.s I really love my cat) but dogs are so incredibly loyal and they seem to just know when you are having a bad day and their only mission in life is to love you.

  • What's your favorite movie?

    Oh I cannot pick just one movie, but Disney movies in general are my favorite! I guess you can say I am a bit of a Disney freak. If you have ever been around me, you have probably heard me singing a Disney song at one point -they are just so catchy!

  • What's your favorite, weird food combination?

    I really do love pepperoni and pineapple on pizza together; maybe it's the salty sweet thing that's going on?

  • What's your favorite holiday?

    I love Christmas! I love spending time gathered around my family and I feel like people tend to be a little bit kinder, generous, and warm hearted during that time of year.

  • If you could be anywhere in the world right now; where would you be?

    Italy! It's my number 1 on my travel list. It is where my parents met and I have always had the desire to go see, taste, and smell everything they have told me about from the time I was little.

  • What Superhero would you be?

    That is a good question. Honestly, if I could be a superhero that had the powers to always have the house clean, the family fed, my exercise done, my work hours in AND eight hours of sleep a night -I think I would consider that Superwoman even without the cape.

  • What's your favorite place to hang out in San Antonio?

    I do not have a favorite place yet. I am new to the area but wherever my husband and friends are, that is where I want to be.

  • What's your favorite dance move?

    I like the "brush off your shoulder" dance move Why? I feel cool when I probably look rather foolish.

  • What is your dream car?

    A white, convertible, Maserati with the top down. Because I love feeling the wind in my hair, not to mention it is a super sexy car.

  • If a movie about your life was made; what actor/actress would you have play you?

    Kaley Cuoco

  • If you could change your name, what would it be?

    Well, I have already changed my name... It was Mandy Stout, but now it is Mandy Stout Johnson, and it has been the best change EVER! Love you babe.