Team member Stephanie Alarcon

Stephanie Alarcon

  • Why do you like CSG?

    The unique Culture and how it is a family-orientated environment

  • How did you hear/learn about CSG?

    Craigslist – 3 years ago

  • What's your favorite movie?

    Contact – I enjoy the meaning of the movie. It inspired me to try to learn more of astronomy

  • What's your favorite, weird food combination?

    Corn tortilla chips and cottage cheese

  • What's your favorite way to use M&M's?

    One at a time. I don’t need my son knocking the others out of my hand

  • What's your favorite holiday?

    All of them!

  • If you could be anywhere in the world right now; where would you be?

    Anywhere, as long as my family is with me

  • What Superhero would you be?

    I am my own superhero. A working mom that can multi task..... It's awesome

  • What's your favorite place to hang out in San Antonio?

    At home. I get to spend quality time with my family

  • What's your favorite dance movie?

    Dirty Dancing- It is Epic!

  • What is your dream car?

    A car that is good on gas, family friendly and it has to be candy apple red

  • If a movie about your life was made; what actor/actress would you have play you?

    Shirley Temple. I was told I looked like her as a child