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At CSG, service is our core and guiding principle, and our “Service 1st”℠ culture starts with you. We have developed a culture that is focused on continuous learning and development. This applies to all layers of the organization, each and every day. In our training, we don’t just educate you on how to process a call, we educate you on our customers, what their needs are, and keys to handling their interactions. Unlike many call center operations, employee assessment, development, and engagement are key priorities in the daily management of our operations, and our customer service team is not solely focused on productivity metrics at the expense of a “Service 1st”℠ experience. This is our commitment to our customers, as well as to you.

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Our culture is also one of empowerment. Here at CSG, we feel it’s important for you to be able to grow with our company. We value individualism and creativity and we give you the freedom to explore these in relation to customer service and our culture. Our environment is unique, we value our sense of community here, and want you to feel at home as well. Every level and functional area of our company will be opened to you – we have no walls at CSG! We like to keep employees informed about educational and advancement opportunities, and make sure everyone feels like an important part of the team here.

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Another important aspect of our culture is satisfaction with life and work. We feel that a positive attitude is contagious and we like to spread it among everyone! Our goal is to make everyone excited about working here at CSG and there is no better way to achieve that than by maintaining a relaxed, open environment that is conducive to friendly, world-class customer service. That’s why many of our employees recommend us to family and friends. And that’s why we want you!

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At CSG, our Mission is simple: Partner with our clients to deliver memorable, World-Class customer experiences.